Vision and Values Road Trip Gallery

Here’s some pictures and comments from the AM Vision and Values roll out across our sites:

Now 100% completed! 

In July and August we have been across our sites delivering our Vision and Values to the team. The whole process was amazing and an opportunity for us all to meet the whole team, visiting the workplaces and listening along the way.  Here’s a wrap up of the photo’s taken:


Week 4 – Day 1

Delivering our Visions and Values to one of our on-site cleaning team #cleaning #oneteamonegoal #amservicesgroup #values #visions


Week 3 – Day 4

Bury, Blackburn, and Farnworth today delivering our visions and values #oneteamonegoal #BEAMM #amservicesgroup

One of our BEAMM Champions, delivered a roll out to one of our Manufacturing contracts in Darwen last night. Great to see Dave actively getting involved and to see the smiles on the team’s faces. #oneteamonegoal #beamm #amservicesgroup

Week 3 – Days 2/3

The roadshow continues! Our Contracts Managers have been out and about in Lancashire visitng some key accounts, engaging with the people that make it happen! #oneteamonegoal #BEAMM #amservicesgroup


BEAMMing on the Old Man of Coniston – our CEO and MD take the BEAMM project to new heights. Adrian went into full #BEAMM presentation when asked by some fellow walker what “BEAMM” was all about! “They did ask!!”

Week 3 – Day 1

Out in Preston delivering our visions and values to one of our more local teams BEAMM oneteamonegoal amservicesgroup

Week 2 – Day 5, the last few for week 2 completed

Team 1 – End of week 2 and still BEAMMING! A fabulous visit to one of our longest standing contracts in Wythenshawe. This team totally get it and always have! An absolute pleasure for Del, Rebecca, Nikki, Will to spend some BEAMM time with Sam. #BEAMM #visionandvalues #oneteamonegoal

Team 2 – Last one for the week for me – but what a cracker! Great staff, great standards and great team ethos at this shopping centre ccomplex in Carlisle. #BEAMM #oneteamonegoal #visionandvalues

Team 3 – An early but fantastic #visionandvalues visit with Paul at the University of Hull this morning, followed by a top tier COMAH visit in Stallingborough #oneteamonegoal #beamm



Week 2 – Day 4, another successful day for our roll-out teams

Team 1 – Another successful day rolling out our Vision and Values in and around the greatest city on earth, Manchester today. We are so lucky to have a workforce who are naturally hardworking and conscientious that they already epitomise our Values.

We also introduced our Vision and Values to a brand-new customer and shopping centre. The team were really engaged and appreciated the time taken to explain the journey and what our values mean to us. #BEAMM #visionandvalues #oneteamonegoal #AMServicesGroup


Team 3 – Let’s get that BEAMMOMETER checked! More week 2 action shots, from another great day in the North East, joined today with Key Account Manager Chris Hudson and Group HSEQ Manager Paul Hatton, delivering our Visons and Values to more of our teams across distribution and manufacturing. A special thanks to one of our teams with a simply amazing and thoughtful gesture… walking in to find they have taken time and effort to prepare some nibbles for us as a thank you, for taking more time out to value them! Very warming. #BEAMM #oneteamonegoal #visonsandvalues #amservicesgroup #facman


Week 2 – Day 3, more BEAMMing for two of our teams

Team 1 – BEAMMing at Carrington #BEAMM #visionandvalues #oneteamonegoal

Team 2 – two great site visits today: a chocolate factory and a shopping centre – I’m sure it would be some people’s perfect day! Great feedback from the teams and some real interest from the clients. #BEAMM #visionandvalues #oneteamonegoal

Week 2 – Day 2, a local trip into East Lancashire


Week 2 – Day 1

All our staff in Zen Internet receiving their vision and values presentation from Paul. A great start to the week ???? vision values oneteamonegoal beamm

Day Four – Bringing Week One to a close – and what a wonderful week we’ve had!  

Team 1 – As the first week of our vision and values delivery draws to a close, here’s some of Friday’s highlights. Del, Lee and Nikki had so much fun meeting a number of amazing team members around the north. Experiencing sound issues and resorted to watching our colleague video in my car! Another highlight was contracts manager Zoe Atkinson rocking up with a custom made ‘BEAMM’ cookie and last but not least, one of our security officers in Morecambe buying into our values so much that we swapped seats and he took over! #BEAMM #visionandvalues #oneteamonegoal



Team 2 – One of the best weeks I’ve had at AM Services Group so far Thanks to all our teams we’ve visited for being so positive and helping us achieve where we are today ???? Maybe not California Dreamin’ but in Skegness and Scunthorpe we were definitely BEAMMING!#visionandvalues #BEAMM #oneteamonegoal


Team 3 –

What a way to finish the week. An absolute pleasure sharing our vision and values at some of retail clients. You were all amazing #oneteamonegoal #beamm


Day Three – Out on the Road again

Team 1 –  of our roll out done, lots of our amazing staff seen across 3 sites in Manchester. Great to spend time with our regional manager Lee Sinclair, divisional manager Nikki Phillips, John Owens and John Rhodes. BEAMM visionandvalues oneteamonegoal

Team 2 –

Another great day meeting clients and colleagues across the East of the country. It’s fantastic to receive feedback from team members that were involved in the initial stages of the employee engagement process. I can only apologise for the poor camera work – sometimes innovation can be disruptive! BEAMM oneteamonegoal visionandvalues


Team 3 – Rolling out vision and values in the North East. Great time spent with Dan Bennett,  and our colleagues in the North East BEAMM #visionandvalues oneteamonegoal



Day Two – Prepping the BEAMM Goody Bags

Our guys were all BEAMMing yesterday, prepping for the next few days of the  roadshow. “I love that fact that we’re all attending every single location to personally deliver our new vision and values.” BEAMM #visionandvalues oneteamonegoal

Day One of Roll Out 

Team 1 – Day 1 of the roll out of our vision and values. We’ve had an absolute ball today, myself, Nikki Phillips and CEO Adrian Cresswell visiting our colleagues across the north west and north wales.BEAMM oneteamonegoal visionandvalues



Team 2 – It may have been raining in Yorkshire today, but we were absolutely BEAMMING, visiting colleagues and sites across the region. Day one of our Vision and Values roadshow had us presenting to staff that have service ranging from 1 month to 5 years, and we recruited a V & V champion along the way. BEAMM visionandvalues oneteamonegoal

Head office (Day 1)