Office chair upholstery cleaning

Why care for your chair?… (download the information sheet HERE)

Did you know that the average person sits at their desk for around 4.5 hours each day?

As office, facility and occupational health and safety managers, we therefore understand how important it is to our staff to have a chair that is as comfortable, ergonomically designed, and aesthetically pleasing as possible. They want it to be comfortable, and they want it to go with the office décor. We invest in our office chairs, and can even spend thousands of pounds when buying the top of the range.
Yet… over time, it’s likely that most people will have spilt their coffee on their chair or dropped their lunch while eating at their desk. And, even though soft furnishings are not the main vector for the coronavirus, it is still worth minimising the risk of transmission by keeping office chairs clean and virus-free.

Clean and fresh upholstery shows our staff and guests that we care, removing dirt to ensure that surfaces and materials look better and last longer, while disinfection of germs can support the prevention of infection and disease and promote good hygiene.

AM Services Group’s specialist cleaning team are experts in upholstery cleaning with 25 years of experience in this area. We use optimum, proven cleaning methods and the best equipment to support the regular routine cleaning and deep cleaning of your office chair upholstery.

We can provide a high quality and sustainable service to:

  • spray upholstery to treat the dirt and staining first
  • spray with a deodorising treatment
  • rinse with clean warm water and extract simultaneously
  • leaving the chair completely clean and chemically neutral
  • because your office chair is a valued asset…

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