We understand that the washroom goes beyond hygiene and cleanliness. It’s about creating a healthy environment to protect the welfare or your staff and to show people that you’re a business that cares.

As experts in hygiene and infection control, we understand how to provide the right washroom service for you. We work with you to provide value for money solutions which meet your responsibilities to your staff and customers, as well as meeting your health and safety requirements and contributing to your commitment to reducing damaging effects on the environment.

We put the same level of commitment into providing medical waste services, first aid kit services and our feminine hygiene and air care solutions. We cast an expert eye over your facilities and, depending on the size, nature and footfall of your business, we recommend a frequency of service, or visits of to dispose of waste or replenish supplies.

Every business has a duty of care to its female employees with a responsibility to take suitable feminine hygiene into account. We can make this much simpler for you by providing high quality products in a tailor-made solution to meet your company’s needs. Facilities with air fresheners create a much more pleasant experience, raise staff morale and create a more positive impression for customers. We can help you to combat unpleasant odours and to actively remove airborne bacteria and viruses to further support a healthy environment.

For medical facilities, and any other business which deal with medical waste, safe disposal under correct protocols is important. As well as providing sharps bins and other medical waste containers, we also ensure that these are disposed of and replaced on a regular basis to suit your schedule.

We are proud to be members of the Independent Washroom Services Association (IWSA) and have helped several of our clients to win the prestigious Loo of the Year Awards.


  • Case Study

    About the client (Download Case Study) AM Services Group (AMSG) has been working in partnership with this leading blue chip…

“I am so very impressed by the lovely friendly attitude of your cleaning staff, and their attention to detail. It may sound silly, but the toilets on floor one of your shopping centre are so spotless that they are often a topic of conversation between us – the public – who use them. I can’t praise them enough. They are always ready with a kind word and a smile. You are very lucky to have such a dedicated team.”

— S Bailey, customer Hillstreet Shopping Centre


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