AM Services Group works in partnership with our clients as ‘One team, one goal’. This is at the heart of everything we do and we are passionate that workplace catering should not only bring you

• high quality with value for money
• sustainability with technology and innovation

but that, most importantly, the food we deliver to your employees, whether they are working on the factory floor or in an office, should be

• a central focus in your staff wellbeing strategy
• matched to the unique needs and varying demands of your employees

You are different

From sticky chicken khobez to Korean jackfruit, from ham, egg and chips to pak choi, soy bean, broccoli and mushroom salad, from hot roast pork and stuffing to keema loaded fries, our vastly experienced, highly trained and creative team of contract catering professionals understand that, to be a hit, it is essential that workplace food exactly matches what people want and is delivered right  when and where they need it.

AM Food is honest and uncomplicated, fresh and seasonal, nutritionally balanced and accessible, and is suitable for the job role that you do and the time you do it.

Our menus are designed with a deep understanding of our customers, are aligned with local cultures, feature regional ingredients and dishes and provide your staff with food that they tell us they want and enjoy and that matches their budget. We create an outstanding customer experience, with a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and committed service team and food that your staff will want to come back for time and time again. This means less food waste, has a more positive environmental impact and reaps dividends for your business.

We treat each sector, organisation and employee as individual, engineering our food offer to underpin and support a healthy and happy team of workers with just the right nutritional  content and providing customers with the knowledge to make informed choices.

We are different

 AM Food is here to disrupt and challenge

We’ll take that just a step further… AM Food proudly entered the contract catering market with the aim of disrupting it.

Why?… because we have solutions and are dedicated to thinking creatively around the age-old problems we have seen far too often in workplace food provision

  • costly food service footprints and food wastage inevitability
  • queues in peak times and limiting service times
  • half empty counters at end of service and reduced choice for out-of-hours staff
  • poor portion control and increased costs
  • lack of nutritional information, challenging allergen controls

And we will continue to look for new ways of doing things better because what worked yesterday, may not necessarily work as well tomorrow.

We are creative, flexible and innovative using latest technology

Our control centre operates 24/7 throughout the year and is equipped to give advance notice of any supply chain issues that may arise. This warns our teams well in advance so that alternatives can be found and unpleasant last-minute surprises completely avoided.

We partner with hospitality industry leaders, using latest technology, hardware and software, full functionality apps, allergen and nutritional control modules to facilitate direct engagement with customers and to drive sales and push the most sophisticated loyalty schemes in the business.

We are breaking the stereotypes in vending and have introduced Pre-order Pods – think e-commerce lockers meet foodservice!

We have created Concierge-style Home Shopping – with simple, essential convenience goods – and Meal Preps-to-go – time-saving and nutritionally balanced meals – for your staff to take home.

From training and deploying our onsite teams to make optimum use of our people and reduce downtime, to helping your employees’ make the most of their important work and leisure time, to engaging your remote workers and supporting your event catering, we have fantastic food with equally impressive ideas and solutions.

We don’t leave things to chance

Right from the start, and throughout our partnership with you, we believe that engaging with our customers is key to success. We use multiple customer opinion capture methods, we listen, we communicate and we feed back with an honest and open approach.

We believe that data without insight is an opportunity missed and give our clients robust commercial recommendations and decisions based on data to include the most insightful data gained at the till.

We are safety and quality focused, embedding the basics in our service and training our staff to the highest levels so that we know we’re getting it right and we have plenty of scope to focus on the exciting and creative.

We work with people that we know and trust so that you can rest assured. Our partnerships with our suppliers are externally accredited and designed to deliver consistent quality, value and full traceability.

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do

Yes, we do all the things you might expect us to do…

  • we remove polystyrene, plastic straws, paper cups
  • we feature regional dishes and drinks using regional suppliers
  • sustainability is built in from farm to fork
  • we are aligned to WRAP and support their “Love Food, Hate Waste” campaign
  • we follow the Marine Conservation Society’s good fish guide
  • Red Tractor or equivalent accredited meat is used where available
  • we use only Fairtrade bananas and sugar, and only free range eggs

And wherever we can, we go that one step further…

  • our coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified – from sustainable sources in Brazil and Central America, all hand-picked from smallholder farms and artisan small-batch-roasted. Our baristas are intimately acquainted with the story of what goes into your cup, making great coffee for you and a bright future for the farmers

For AM Food our vision of sustainability is intrinsic in our partnerships, our people, our community, our world.

Our operations director Neil Cooper is an active champion of sustainability who keenly supports people in providing volunteering hours and offering work placements and employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

“It’s not only great ingredients that make great workplace food. It’s about putting people at the heart and about continuously turning things on their head with passion and progressing until we get things just right.”

— Neil Cooper, AM Services Group Operations Director.


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