We ensure that your educational facilities are kept to the highest possible standards. Your students need learning environments that enable them to achieve their potential, and your teachers need to be able to do their jobs effectively.

At AM Services Group, we work to government legislation and guidelines, and in partnership with you, to deliver the best educational facilities. Parents want their children to achieve their potential. They want to know that their child is safe and happy and being educated in the best environment for them.

At AM Services Group, we understand that within educational establishments, there can be numerous environments, all with diverse and sometimes complex needs.

We deliver our service to fit your unique requirements. We work with all types of educational establishments, from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities. We also work with smaller specialist establishments. Every student has different needs that must be catered for. We work closely with you to meet those needs and provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes their growth, development and wellbeing. And better buildings will also help to attract the best staff.

In turn, parents can enjoy peace of mind that their child is well looked after, and that they have made the best educational choice for their child. We can work with you to give your students a bright future and your staff the pleasant, safe and healthy workplace they deserve.

And, as the education sector increasingly relies on additional income from the commercial use of their buildings, and competition increases in this area, we can provide facilities that are maintained to the highest standard to once again ensure that you’re the venue of choice.

When space and money is critical in schools, we can work with you to ensure your facilities are always ready for use and that effective service adds value to your building, and even reduces running costs.