25th September 2023

posted by AM_admin

Dave Tully’s unwavering support earns recognition at Kirkby Shopping Centre

Colleague of the Month Winner – Dave Tully

Dave Tully has been providing cleaning services in Kirkby Shopping Centre, Liverpool, for many years. His pride and proactive approach in carrying out his job and his dedication to our client, Workman LLP have been outstanding.

Dave recently stepped up to give invaluable help during a time of staff shortages, covering extra cleaning duties and ensuring tasks were carried out correctly.

Paul Wilson, Shopping Centre Manager, has given him glowing recognition for his hard work and support, saying: “Dave has consistently supported the Centre Management Team whenever asked to do something, and without complaining or moaning about any task. He often makes suggestions to make duties more efficient, and although his ideas are not always adopted it never dampens his enthusiasm to keep trying.”