29th August 2023

posted by AM_admin

Dave Johnson and Richard Lindsey demonstrate quick thinking, great communication and excellent first aid skills at Lanxess, Trafford Park

Star Award Winners – Dave Johnson and Richard Lindsey

When a call came from our client’s customer services team asking for a first aider to attend a serious incident as soon as possible, Dave, our Security Manager on site, rushed to help out. He swiftly assessed the situation, took care of the patient until their seizure stopped, and called 999 for an ambulance. Richard, our Security Officer on shift, supported Dave with communications and directed the emergency services to the correct location, while making sure that the security team was able to carry out their normal duties uninterrupted.

As the ambulance arrived, a call came into the security team to ask for first aid assistance with a second incident involving a contractor. Richard and Dave’s great communication, swift actions, clear thinking, and first aid skills meant that the second casualty was able to return to work, while the first casualty was taken to hospital for further treatment and the rest of the site operations were successfully executed as normal.

Dave and Richard’s actions impressed our client who came to thank them for their vital support, and one of the casualties also thanked them personally for helping their recovery.