19th July 2023

posted by AM_admin

Zoe Bradshaw demonstrates outstanding courage and commitment at Nippon Electric Glass

Colleague of the Month Winner – Zoe Bradshaw

Zoe is a member of our cleaning team at Nippon Electric Glass in Wigan who has recently experienced very difficult personal circumstances, as has her mum who is the supervisor on the same site. Despite this, when Zoe’s mum needed to take some time away from work, and another colleague’s role had to be covered unexpectedly, Zoe had no hesitation in stepping forward to help out.

She was a huge support to our Senior Account Manager, covering shifts, taking control on the ground and organising the team to ensure all of the key areas were cleaned and maintained and that standards remained high. She also made sure that there were clear and regular communications with the client at all times.

Amazingly, Zoe managed to go above and beyond what was expected of her, despite the tough time she was going through herself, helping out willingly and with her usual sunny disposition.

Zoe’s selfless action and dedication to her role have been outstanding. She has shown great teamwork and commitment to NEG.

Our client has been full of praise for Zoe’s strong work ethic, saying: “Zoe stepped up and helped manage the team to ensure work was prioritized and sundries were under control.  This was made more challenging when, at one point, the team was reduced in a perfect storm of events and a failed delivery of stock.

“Zoe managed to step up to the supervisor role, manage two new temporary workers, arrange tasks, order stock and keep both her managers and the client updated.”