19th July 2023

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Mike Bednall and Jamaine Headlam make sure services run smoothly at Stretford Mall

Colleague of the Month Winners – Mike Bednall and Jamaine Headlam

Our Site Support Manager Mike and Security Officer Jamaine at Stretford Mall centre in Manchester understand just how important it is to keep site operations running smoothly in our client’s busy Manchester shopping centre. They were therefore both more than happy to help when a major development and unexpected staffing issues presented some challenges onsite.

When major development works at the centre resulted in Mike and his team’s roles needing to be adapted in a number of ways, as always, Mike stepped up to the challenge and went the extra mile to support our client. He organised and oversaw a number of additional tasks that needed to be completed to tight deadlines, arranged full handover information to be collated and recorded, and has clearly shown just how dedicated he is to supporting the site.

He came in to do extra hours or stayed behind after his shift to deal with unexpected issues, such as large leaks from a storm and helping the demolition team when their MEWP stopped working, and gave extra help dealing with parking or contractor issues, covering staff absences and putting up bunting for events.

Whatever the circumstance, Mike’s “can do” attitude shines and he is always ready to give support wherever it is needed.

Jamaine had no hesitation in stepping up to the mark and helping out during some gaps in staffing, due to holidays and unexpected absences.

As a long-serving member of the security team with extensive knowledge of the site, when there was a need for someone to give support, Jamaine took charge of the security team. He managed the shifts, which was particularly important over a very busy weekend where there were busy events taking place with increased footfall, to ensure things ran smoothly.

The client’s Area Manager commented: “Jamaine really stepped up and he went over and above what an average colleague would do.”