8th March 2023

posted by AM_admin

Pulling together to help a customer in need at Stanley Square

Our security and cleaning team pull together to help a woman in difficulty
This recognition is for the whole team at Stanley Square, in Sale, who showed great kindness when they recently went out of their way to help a distressed lady. This woman had had her purse stolen in an area away from Stanley Square, but she had come into the retail and leisure centre’s management office to see if the team would help her report the incident. 
While the general manager made the lady a warm drink to help comfort her, our security manager Paul took a description of the known offender from the lady and was able to help identify them to the police while she was reporting the incident. The team also assisted her in ensuring her cards were cancelled with the bank as soon as possible.
The woman was very upset about her purse going missing as it had been a gift from her daughter, and so our team went off site to look around the bins in the hope that they could find it for her.
She was overwhelmed with the help and support she was given on the day and returned with a thank you card, saying “thank you for the kindness, tea and sympathy” and with some well-deserved Heroes chocolates for the staff.
The Centre Manager said: “Although the incident never took place within Stanley Square, the team showed true community spirit in not only supporting me but by supporting a neighbouring business and, more importantly, by pulling out all the stops to assist the distressed lady. I felt proud of the team as they helped her and worked with the police to catch the culprit.”