6th February 2023

posted by AM_admin

Congratulations to our fantastic Wythenshawe Town Centre team for stopping a potential crisis

Last summer, our security and cleaning team stepped in to support our client at Wythenshawe Town Centre. Through their quick-thinking, they helped to avert disruption and damage to the town centre, possible losses for retailers and inconvenience for shoppers.
When two unexpected incidents involving severe leaks occurred, which were beyond anyone’s control but could have caused significant issues, our team at Wythenshawe took the initiative and put proactive measures in place to immediately report the issues and to manage and stop the leaks.  
They did an amazing job to nip a potential crisis in the bud. Their logistical skills were impressive, but their communication skills and team work were also outstanding. They ensured that all of the tenants where kept abreast of what was happening to mitigate risk, and that everyone was safe and well.

Once the situation was brought under control, our team further demonstrated their commitment to service excellence by cleaning up the area and getting it in tip-top condition as soon as possible. Callum Harrison, site support manager, came in to work on his day off to provide an extra pair of hands and to make sure everything was running smoothly.
The team at Wythenshawe were chosen from all of our Team of the Month winners from 2022 by our senior management team who felt that this team had shown great willingness to go way beyond what was expected of them to help the client. Managing Director Greg O’Brien says: “This team is always very flexible in the support they give and they are proud to work in close partnership with Wythenshawe Town Centre. This is a clear example of how the solid relationships they have built with all the stakeholders over the years works to provide a most positive customer experience.”
Well done to all of our colleagues in Wythenshawe… a shining example of our ‘One Team, One Goal’.
Here’s a reminder some of our other Team of the Month winners from 2022. We are proud of you…