4th January 2023

posted by AM_admin

The Lanes Shopping Centre team in Carlisle rise to a Covid cleaning challenge

When the Covid floor signage could finally be taken up at The Lanes in Carlisle, after three years, our cleaning team rose to the challenge of pressure washing the floors to restore them to their usual high standard.
First, the floor decals had to be removed which had strongly adhered to the floor over a considerable period. Then the stone pavers had to be hot pressure washed to achieve a reasonable standard.
Our dedicated employees worked long hours and late shifts and managed to achieve a high level of cleanliness in record time. They surprised and delighted everyone by completing the job nearly two weeks earlier than anticipated. This was an amazing achievement and the commitment, enthusiasm and pride of the team clearly shone through.

The Centre Manager commented: “I was amazed to see that the floor looks like brand-new and you would think that it has been freshly laid, not to mention the team completed this very complicated cleaning operation some two weeks earlier than schedule. In my 30 years’ experience managing shopping centres I can truly say that the commitment and standards delivered by the cleaning team are outstanding and should be recognised for their sterling work. They are a credit to yourselves and to The Lanes Shopping Centre.”

Well done to our colleagues at The Lanes and keep up the exemplary standards that you deliver time after time.