12th January 2023

posted by AM_admin

Our team at India Mill turns a challenge into an opportunity to impress our client

Team of the Month – India Mill, Darwen
India Mill in Darwen is an English Heritage site where AM Services Group delivers cleaning and security services. When the lift became temporarily out of service recently at the former cotton mill, now a prestigious business centre, our employees took this in their stride.
Despite our client explaining that this would add challenges to the security officers’ duties, both in terms of transporting deliveries and waste, and also for the cleaners, he said that our team was extremely forthcoming and helpful.
The client has been most impressed with our security staff as they have taken on all new work requests without hesitation and have been a great support while the lift was out of order.

The cleaning team members have been equally responsive and have not allowed this to impact the high cleaning standards on site.

Congratulations to our employees at India Mill on this award. Our Senior Management Team was impressed that you pulled together, rose to the challenge, and supported the client and tenants at India Mill.