21st November 2022

posted by AM_admin

Not one but two awards for our team at Rochdale Riverside

Our site support manager at Rochdale Riverside told us about the outstanding actions of two members of our security team. The AM Services Group Senior Management team agreed with his high praise and was delighted to award Rehan Khan with Colleague of the Month, while a STAR of the Month went to Nathanial Smith.

Colleague of the Month – Rehan demonstrates yet another selfless act of kindness for a shopper
Rehan Khan was patrolling in Rochdale Riverside shopping centre with his site supervisor when he took a control centre call with a message from the Boots store. This was regarding an elderly lady who was in the shop, seemingly very confused and worried about losing her purse somewhere in the centre.

The woman was recognised to be in the early stages of dementia and was wanting to buy some essential food items from Marks & Spencer. After checking whether the lady’s purse had been lost in M&S and also checking CCTV footage to confirm which items she had been trying to buy, Rehan guided her around the food hall to get the required items. Rehan personally purchased the items for her and then helped her over to the bus station with her shopping. He was absolutely insistent that he wouldn’t take any money from his supervisor to help pay for the goods.

Supervisor Lawrence Iddison commented: “This isn’t the first time he has gone above and beyond to assist with a site incident where he has, without a second thought, placed his hand in his pocket to assist and solve the situation.”
We agree with Lawrence that this is a fantastic example of demonstrating our “everyone matters” value. 

STAR Award – Nathanial has truly shown the caring side of security
Nathaniel Smith came across a young man who looked very vulnerable at Rochdale Riverside. He approached the young person and, while chatting with him, he managed to confirm that he was indeed vulnerable and scared to go home to his parents due to his current living conditions and an abusive father.

Nathaniel escalated the situation to the local police and acquired all of the relevant information for social services. He stayed with him while social services arrangements were being made, bringing him out of the cold and getting him something to eat and drink. Nathaniel stayed with the young man over an hour past his duty finish-time until he was confident, he was safe.

“He has really demonstrated the side of a security officer that not many people will see, proving once again that our employees are happy to go above and beyond when required, regardless of the situation,” said site Supervisor Lawrence Iddison.