20th October 2022

posted by AM_admin

A potential crisis is averted by our fantastic Wythenshawe Town Centre team

Recently our client at Wythenshawe Town Centre experienced two major incidents, both of which were severe leaks. These were out of anyone’s control and could have caused significant issues and potential damage.  

Our security and cleaning team did an amazing job. They were very quick-thinking and took proactive measures to report the issues. They managed to get on top of and stop the leaks, making sure that the tenants where aware of the situation and potential risk and that everyone was safe and well. They also ensured that the areas were cleaned up and in tip-top shape as soon as possible.

One of the team, Callum Harrison, even came in to work on his day off to support his colleagues and to make sure everything was running as smoothly as it could be.  

Congratulations to the whole team for doing a fantastic job. Your initiative, great communication and willingness to help and go the extra mile are worthy of the Team of the Month Award.