13th July 2022

posted by AM_admin

Paula Tuck pushes herself to learn something new to support our client at Zen Internet

Paula Tuck has provided almost two decades of great service, keeping Zen Internet’s headquarters clean and helping to contribute to this being a happy and healthy place for the staff to come to work.
Over the last 20 years, Zen Internet has grown from a pioneering internet service provider into a company that supports business and residential customers across the UK with a full range of data, voice and hosting services. Their state-of-the-art headquarters in Sandbrook Park, an attractive leisure and commercial facility in Rochdale, reflects a pioneering brand that competes in a highly-connected world.

As the cleaning supervisor for the site, Paula completes regular KPIs with the office services management team, capturing vital environmental information. Paula recently moved away from her comfort zone and learned to use a lap top, for the first time, so that she can now submit this information electronically. Alongside this, she has learned to use our payroll software system.

The paper saving and Paula embracing new technology and new learning has impressed our client which helps to support their positive impact on the environment. Paula says that she has enjoyed the challenge and learning something every day.