4th July 2022

posted by AM_admin

Katt Langan keeps the customers satisfied at The Foundry Shopping Centre 

The Centre Manager at The Foundry was keen to put forward Katt Langan, from our cleaning team at the busy shopping centre in Scunthorpe, for an award.

Katt has given excellent service at the centre for more than 20 years, which is an achievement in itself. Over the years, she has remained totally focused in her passion for helping to make the centre as attractive as it can be and to give customers the best possible experience. She continuously exceeds her duties to ensure cleaning standards are always met, as well as keeping the centre a safe and healthy place.

She knows the regular customers by name and is never too busy to help. She also covers extra shifts when we are short-staffed. Everyone on site thinks she is a real star, and we completely agree.

Well done on your award, Katt.