21st June 2022

posted by AM_admin

Faisal Rasoul goes out of his way to relieve a client problem at The Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle

It’s great when technology works at its best but, when our client at The Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle received customer complaints because of problems with their smart car parking technology, our security officer Faisal (Faz) Rasoul was more than happy to step in and help.
Several issues with car park tickets over a few weeks had caused extra customer communications work for the centre staff while the tech company’s engineer had been unable to resolve the problem.
Faz took the initiative to try and help the client by cleaning the ticket dispensers of the problematic machines and by completing a reboot on the car park software. This seemed to resolve the issues.
The Centre Manager was delighted and wanted to: “Commend Faz for showing initiative and pure determination in resolving this difficult operational issue that had a serious effect to our customers and the reputation of The Lanes.”

Faz has been inspirational in going above and beyond his usual daily tasks and in his desire to give support and lend a hand.