26th April 2022

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Our security officers help return a vulnerable, lost child to her parents 

Colleagues of the Month – Kayde Longsden and Kyle Cryne
Kayde and Kyle, our colleagues at Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester, were carrying out their patrol duties around the site when they noticed a young child walking on her own along one of the nearby streets. They managed to stop the little girl and talk to her, keeping her under their watchful eye while they contacted the police. The police soon arrived, taking the lost child into their car to keep her safe. After around ten minutes, the girl’s parents arrived and explained that they had been in the museum, some five minutes’ walk and two main roads away from the Great Northern Warehouse leisure centre, when they lost sight of her. After carrying out some checks, the police allowed the family to leave together.
Kyle and Kayde’s intervention ensured that the vulnerable child was not left at risk walking around the city centre.

Our client was very impressed with our security officers’ quick response and actions on what was a very busy day for the pair.

The AM Services Group senior management team felt that our caring duo were very worthy of recognition for averting what could have been a much more serious situation.

Well done, Kayde and Kyle.