11th February 2022

posted by AM_admin

A shining example of teamwork

Team of the Month – December
Cleaning and Security Team, Arndale Shopping Centre, Morecambe

Every single member of the Arndale Shopping Centre team can be proud of winning this award as they are described as a “great asset”.
Our Key Account Manager explains: “The most recent of the regular ‘All Ears’ quality of experience survey came back with amazing results. The average scores – out of 5 – in the categories directly influenced by the cleaning and security teams were:

Considering the various challenges that Covid-19 has brought, generally, e.g. some people being more anti-social, increased incidents of aggression towards staff in retail, and people being more conscious of good hygiene etc., these are really strong, positive scores. 

One member of the cleaning team Ewa Osmola has worked incredibly hard to get her SIA licence and is currently transitioning from cleaning to security. I have no doubt she will make an amazing security officer and give it her 100% as she did when in the cleaning role.

Theft in the centre is the lowest it has been for a long time due to the security team now in situ which shows just how well they are all working together.”

Congratulations on a fantastic performance to:
Chantelle Batchelor, Gareth Edwards, Jody Kenyon, Sophie Hartley, Susan Hill
Alun Matthews, David Horricks, Ewa Osmola, Garry Price, Nathan Taylor