7th June 2021

posted by AM_admin

Wow… Karolina makes an impression with her high standards

Colleague of the Month
Karolina Michalak, Seatruck, Heysham, Lancashire

Seatruck meets the transportation needs of the haulage industry in the Irish Sea, working out of Dublin, Liverpool, Warrenport and the port of Heysham, and is just around the corner from our AM Services HQ.

Our colleague Karolina Michalak has received our latest COTM award for taking on extra hours to carry out some much-needed work for Seatruck, whilst meeting her own personal challenge of being extremely busy with homeschooling her children through the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Karolina carried out a number of cabin deep cleans in Seatruck vessels across the port. Her manager Zoe Atkinson who nominated her for the award, said: “After Karolina completed the first cabin I got a phone call from the client and the first thing he said on the phone was ‘Wow!’ He then went on to say he was absolutely speechless as he had no idea how Karolina got the cabins so clean and looking brand new.”

Our Senior Management Team agreed that Karolina is amazing… her helpful, kind, and positive attitude and hard work have helped to forge strong relationships with this client. She is spoken of very highly by everyone at Seatruck where they see her as part of their team.

Great work, Karolina.