25th May 2021

posted by AM_admin

Impressive work achieved by pulling together as ‘one team, one goal’

Team of the Month – Merrion Centre, Leeds

Congratulations from our Senior Management Team to Bailey Wright, Cassie Kimberlin, Chloe Shearn, Craig Carlton, Dave Wisdom, Gary Turner, Jay Spencer, Lee Miller, Roger Binks, Royston Meredith, Samuel Hague, Steve Baranyi, Paul Griffiths, Michael O’Connor.

This security team had not one but two nominations for our TOTM award – well done, one and all… our company’s ‘one team, one goal’ ethos could not be more visible than in the behaviours demonstrated by our colleagues on this site.

The Merrion Centre is located right at the heart of the Leeds City Centre Arena Quarter. The centre and its team, like many other centres, has been busy adapting to the next ‘normal’ in retail and adapting to continue to provide a great customer experience.

Despite our onsite team temporarily missing a manager, they have ensured that they have maintained a consistent delivery of service to our client – this is made even more impressive by the challenges of Covid-19, which they have tackled head on. The whole team has pulled together to ensure all areas of work have been covered despite staff absences, staff changes, and the evolving requirements needed to support the client.

A special thank you goes out to Craig for taking on the extra responsibility of rotas and training and to Cassie for stepping into a temporary team leader role and for covering night shifts, while Lee has managed the team on a daily basis.

We are proud that they all believe and support our value that everyone is heard and respected, we nurture talent, and we always act with integrity.