6th January 2021

posted by AM_admin

Small acts of kindness can make a difference to someone’s day

Star Award – Aynsley Miller, The Beacon Shopping Centre, North Shields

Sometimes they are the smallest of acts of kindness that make the biggest impact and make our staff and other people BEAMM!

This is the case when an older lady customer at the shopping centre took the time and the trouble to phone up The Beacon Shopping Centre to commend Aynsley’s actions. The lady had felt unwell and was very short of breath, which Aynsley spotted. He immediately asked if he could help her with her shopping and took it all the way to her car for her. She was  very thankful and called it a “marvellous service”

Well done Aynsley from John Gibson, our site manager, who put forward the nomination and from all of us at AM Services Group. We are proud of you. Your actions ensure that our business and our client’s brand is portrayed in the most positive light.

Listen to the audio here: http://amservicesgrou.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/F41E8053-31711EB-9FBFB8FB-F6BE3F00@