15th December 2020

posted by AM_admin

Congratulations to our staff for finding strength in teamwork

Our Senior Management Team one hundred percent agreed with Barry Pagent, the Rochdale Riverside security and cleaning team’s manager, when he put them forward for our monthly team award, that they embodied our vision and values perfectly by pulling together as one team.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the new Rochdale Riverside retail and leisure site has experienced a phased opening. The newly-formed team were therefore without a site manager for around weeks while recruitment was carried out to find the right person for the role. The security team did not falter, coming together to cover the site manager hours between them, ensuring that we were fully manned at all times, and working extremely well together by supporting each other throughout. The cleaning team also rallied together, using their initiative to ensure good standards were maintained and all shifts were covered.

Rochdale Riverside’s Centre Manager Rachel Byrne- Centre manager commented:  “There have been a few issues that have tested the team this month, but the team have stepped up and made a great impression.”

Throughout the challenges of Covid-19, alongside dealing with a number of other incidents, including giving first aid support and helping to avert a large scale theft and recovery of high value items, the team has maintained a high standard of service delivery.

The Rochdale Riverside team are a true demonstration of our ‘one team one goal’ vision.