2nd December 2020

posted by AM_admin

Carry on calling … an interview with Tim Bullen

Tim Bullen has been working with the AM Services Group business development team for nearly two years now. It’s Tim’s job to contact new and existing clients to understand how we can support them with any of the services that we offer.
While the FM profession continues to adapt to the disruptive and transformative effect of Covid-19, and the industry steps up to providing mission critical support in challenging times, here Tim talks to us about his personal experience of continuing to nurture relationships and why he’s found mutual value in keeping in touch with clients throughout the pandemic:
How receptive are people to taking calls from an FM service provider in these times?
“Many of our clients and usual contacts have, of course, been working from home, so I have been speaking to them while they face the challenge of working remotely. This has also meant that, often, I have found new and different people to speak to on site who are not necessarily the decision makers for acquiring new services or making purchases for their business.
However, I have found that in both of these situations, people have been equally keen to speak to me. They have been very appreciative of someone continuing to make the effort to contact them, with a genuine interest in how they are doing, how life has changed for them, and with a desire to help them address any new issues they may have.
There have been some very open and honest conversations, where people have felt totally comfortable in opening up about the difficulties their business is experiencing currently and what they anticipate for the future. As we, at AM Services Group, sell a service that is largely about people, rather than a product or a widget, I have been in a privileged position to be able to feed this information back through our own business to help inform our understanding and future business development strategy for supporting customers going forward.
Do people still want to buy? Yes, some do when they have an immediate need that we can help them with. Here, I listen and offer bespoke solutions. But, I also understand that it may be some time before they are in a position to speak about any new or additional services. Here, I can offer to reschedule a call for whenever that individual feels they may want to speak again or may be ready to move forward and feel able to look to the future.”
What have you found to be important currently for communicating with clients and maintaining good business relationships?
“You need to develop an even deeper understanding of your client than ever before, you need to make sure that you are communicating with them at a time that is right for them, and most of all you need to make sure that you understand them and are responding to their agenda, rather than bringing your own.”

What are some of the key things FMs are looking for to help them in the ‘new normal’?
“They are looking for things that you can do to help them and, while cost is still a key driver, equally important is putting in place robust processes that can support the resilience of their business now and in the future.
They want an outsourced service provider to be a strong partner that shares their values, that wants to work as ‘one team, one goal’, that wants to grow a true partnership, and that will look at how things can be done differently through new ways of thinking and working.”

If you’d like to speak to any of our team about how we can help you and your business, why not contact Tim on tim.bullen@amservicesgroup.co.uk He’d love to speak to you.