22nd December 2020

posted by AM_admin

A shining example of ‘One Team, One Goal’

Team of the month – Kirkby Town Centre, Merseyside

We were honoured to start working with Kirkby Town Centre at the start of April this year and to help support our client with key issues and challenges faced right from the beginning of the pandemic. Setting up the contract presented some problems that needed to be worked around as movement was restricted to essential travel only, making mobilisation and recruitment difficult.

Despite this, our new team at the town centre have shown an outstanding willingness to support innovative solutions, have worked over and above what is expected of them, have shown willingness to work as a team and have shown great commitment to get the job done efficiently and effectively for our client. It is for this reason that they were nominated by their manager Mike Kerr for the TOTM award.

The security and cleaning team have developed their skills to be able to carry out some of their team members’ tasks where needed. This has included the security team learning to use mobile jet washing units and carrying out pavement cleaning to achieve fantastic results and add value for the customer.

Our Group Commercial Director Ashley Kirk commented: “The way the Kirkby Town Centre team has come together to live out our ‘One team, one goal’ vision is exemplary for any team, let alone one that has been brought together in such unprecedented circumstances. They are a shining example.”

The Centre Manager said: “At the start of our new contract with AM Services Group, we made a commitment to implement a dual service within the shopping centre for our cleaning and security teams; this was in part due to having such a small team but also to working smarter to improve standards.

We have shown that, with the right motivation, equipment and training to undertake their duties, the team have more than stepped up to the challenge. By working as a team they have managed to jet wash the entire shopping centre mall areas without incurring any additional hours, saving the client over £9,000 by not having to employ an external supplier.”