20th November 2020

posted by AM_admin

Our kind and attentive colleague helps a customer in time of need

Rehan Khan, Rochdale Riverside

We are very proud of our colleague Rehan Khan who recently helped an elderly lady at the new Rochdale retail and leisure centre who had fallen and cut her head. Rehan attended in his role as first aider but, realising that the woman was confused and upset by the incident, he wanted to ensure that she was kept as call and comfortable as possible until the paramedics arrived on the scene.

His kindness and attentiveness was very much appreciated by the woman, who sent a thank you card for Rehan and treats for the team a couple of weeks later.

Rehan was nominated for his actions by his manager Barry Pagent for his competent and compassionate behaviour and for “making the customer feel comfortable and valued, which has left a lasting impression on her. His customer service skills are always excellent in any situation that he deals with.”

By ensuring the customer feels that they matter, Rehan has shown clearly that our company values are embedded in his behaviour, giving a positive image of our company and of the shopping centre that will, no doubt, be spread across the area by this grateful lady.