23rd November 2020

posted by AM_admin

Our client awards our Toyota team for going above expectation

Team of the Month – Toyota

It’s fabulous to be able to make awards to our own exceptional team members and it’s an added bonus when this dovetails from an accolade given by one of our customers.

Our team at Toyota were the proud recipients of the client’s award for the most improved on site contractor of the year. Not only did our cleaning team meet the demands of their job roles but the they have also been described, by the client, as going the extra mile by being “very supportive above and beyond expectations”. Our client has also commented that the team has managed several challenges throughout the shutdown period “with positivity and commitment.

They have put in extra hours to support overtime when required and have willingly managed many additional cleaning requirements. Despite all of this, they worked hard to effectively and efficiently protect everyone on site through Covid-19 specific cleaning.

They were nominated by their manager Dale Fitzgerald for the fantastic praise and gratitude they received from the client.

Well done to the team at Toyota on this remarkable achievement.