27th October 2020

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Security team receives high praise

Team of the Month – Wythenshawe Town Centre – Security

Our security team at Wythenshawe Town Centre receive high praise from local police

Our site support manager Sam Rhodes at Wythenshawe was proud to get a recent testimonial to  our town centre security team from one of the local neighbourhood police officers who has been covering the town centre for over ten years.

“During that time I have been able to consistently rely on the unwavering support of the security staff who have assisted me in bringing several hundred separate offences to a successful conclusion in the courts, he said: “I’ve had consistently proactive communication from the staff in response to live incidents at the stores, provision of CCTV, written evidence, local knowledge, general nous, and even assistance by physically chasing after and detaining offenders who are resistant or violent.”

But the team has been awarded Team of the Month for excelling even their own remarkably high standards when a report of suspicious circumstances at Poundland led to the local officer and one of our security officers catching a man in the act of “bagging up” shampoo with a significant value, and his accomplice. One of the AM team immediately pursued on foot, detaining the offender who was making his way back to his parked car. Another of our officers tracked the movements of the accomplice back to their car, which the local police would otherwise have been unaware of, and CCTV was provided as crucial evidence.

A third member of our Wythenshawe team helped by accompanying the officer to one of the parked cars where thousands of pounds of stolen designer clothing and several hundred pounds worth of sunglasses, fragrances, and batteries were discovered. He waited with the vehicle while other police officers came to recover it.

The police had suspected that the individuals were part of a network of shoplifters operating nationwide and, without the assistance of the AM staff it is unlikely the local officer would have been able to pull all the evidence together in a timely manner.

Thank you to the team from our directors. They have gone above and beyond their duties to deliver a “quite brilliant result”.