1st September 2020

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Taimoor acts quickly to help detain an offender

Colleague of the Month – Taimoor Ali, Riverside Rochdale

Taimoor acts quickly to help detain an offender and encourages customer confidence

Riverside Rochdale, Greater Manchester’s flagship town centre regeneration project, continues to move in a positive direction in line with government guidelines, and AM Services Group is delighted to be providing security services to the retail and leisure complex.

On a recent night shift, our security officer Taimoor Ali spotted a man approaching the window of Next with a hammer. The man smashed the window and started to take electrical items and high value tools, which belonged to a contractor working there, out of the store to a parked van on the main road. Taimoor wasted no time in contacting the police, and was able to relay detailed information to them. This enabled the police to act quickly, to catch the offender, and to retrieve all of the items and a stolen vehicle.

Centre manager Rachel Byrne felt that Taimoor’s efficient and effective action deserved to be recognised. And our senior management team agreed. In the very early days of our relationship with this client, Taimoor has already been able to reinforce their confidence in our team’s reliability, due to the high level of competence that he demonstrated through his actions.

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