16th September 2020

posted by AM_admin

Managing the new found focus on hygiene post Covid-19

The washroom used to be the smallest, and often the most forgotten, facilities in a building. Since the covonavirus pandemic hit, however, it has been thrown into the spotlight. As information gradually emerges about how the virus is spread and how best to help control this, it is clear that well managed washrooms will be key to demonstrating to our staff, customers and visitors that we are doing as much as we can to keep them as safe as possible.

Personal hygiene and safe distancing are essential to limiting the spread of Covid-19. The superloo with touchless pod type toilets are a thing of the future and, for now, we must place a focus on tougher hygiene protocols. Education and compelling signage are a must, as are sufficient well-stocked soap dispensers and hand sanitisers, efficient waste services, effective hand drying equipment and enhanced cleaning regimes.

This is where having a joined-up approach with washroom services that are supplied by your soft facilities services provider could prove an advantage. Washroom services and cleaning can be effectively interwoven by one knowledgeable provider into a trusted, cost effective, end-to-end service for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

AM Services Group works closely with its clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs. We then build a cleaning and washroom schedule and specification to create top hygiene standards. Our extensive experience means that we understand how to provide the right washroom service for you. We work with you to provide value for money solutions which meet your responsibilities to your staff, customers, and the environment, as well as meeting health and safety and compliance requirements.

We put the same level of commitment into providing medical waste services, and feminine hygiene and air care solutions. We cast an expert eye over your facilities and, depending on the size, nature and footfall of your business, we recommend a frequency of service, or visits to dispose of waste and replenish supplies.

Facilities with good air care systems provide a much more pleasant washroom experience, raising staff morale and creating a more positive impression for customers. AM Services Group can help you to combat unpleasant odours and to actively remove airborne bacteria and viruses to further support a healthy environment.

We are proud to be members of the Independent Washroom Services Association (IWSA) and have helped several of our clients to win the prestigious Loo of the Year Awards.

We understand that the washroom goes beyond hygiene and cleanliness. It’s about creating a healthy environment to protect the welfare or your staff and to show people that you’re a business that cares.

Take a look at our washroom product brochure: HERE