13th August 2020

posted by AM_admin

Great Northern Warehouse STAR security officers deserve award

Alpha Jalloh and Charles Jones – The Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester

Communication is key as our security officers deal with a difficult and sensitive situation

Our security officers Alpha and Charles quickly and sensitively managed a difficult situation when they came across a crowd of people around a car, on the street outside the entertainment venue, with a gentleman inside who had sadly passed away from a suspected heart attack. Alpha established that the police had been called and alerted the Great Northern control centre, where Charles reviewed CCTV and kept our client informed, so that the officers, together, could efficiently assist the police and ensure effective communication.

The client’s operations manager was extremely pleased with the officers’ handling of the situation and the quality of the information that was relayed to them. She said: “I would like to extend my gratitude to Alpha and Charles ………….. it was well handled and communicated in spite of the difficult circumstances. Your continuous hard work and diligence is greatly appreciated.”

AM Services Group would like to congratulate Alpha and Charles for the way they managed to deal with this tragic situation with great professionalism and team work. They have both clearly demonstrated that ‘Together we are one team, one goal’.