14th July 2020

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Helping to take the strain from the client during Covid-19

Team of the Month  – David Brown Santasalo, Huddersfield

Our client’s EHS Manager – UK & Group – Security Controller was keen to nominate our cleaning and security team for the support they gave when the coronavirus pandemic took hold. She says: “In the beginning, when Covid-19 started to escalate there were lots of fears and anxieties running around our facility. Not one of my AM Services team moaned, complained or wanted to be at home… they just wanted to be here to serve us and do their job. (In the photo are: On the left is George Mitchell – Security Supervisor, Centre Veronica David – Cleaning Supervisor, Right Andi Smith – Security Manager)

There were of course measures that needed to be put into place to safeguard staff and we had to react quickly as government guidance was escalating everyday…. The WHOLE team adapted, changed, pitched in with ideas, came up with their own solutions and, most importantly, they MADE IT HAPPEN. I didn’t even have to think about cleaning or security because I knew they would just get on with it – and they did. They are polite, friendly and just get on with the job in hand.”