23rd June 2020

posted by AM_admin

Focusing on teamwork to pull through a crisis

Team of the Month  – inhalation manufacturing facilities, near Northwich

Our team only started working together on site at the end of last year and their progress has been immense. They have particularly pulled together to give support during the Covid-19 crisis. We have had regular feedback from the client to say what a good job they have done, and it has been outstanding to watch everyone gel together, aligning with AM Services Group’s values and helping each other out.

They have shown strong teamwork, positive attitudes, and smiles during challenging times as they rise to the challenge of delivering additional protective cleaning methods and help out in areas over and above their normal daily tasks.. Their continuous high performance has remarkably led to impressive KPI client audit scores. Our client added: ‘I would just like to say that during the audit today, the auditor was very complementary regarding the cleanliness of all areas’.