27th May 2020

posted by AM_admin

Thanks to AM Services Group’s security teams – providing critical services in difficult times

We’d like to give recognition to the hard work of our security teams and thank them for their key contribution to AM Services Group, our clients, and the public as the impact of Covid-19 continues…

Over the last couple of months, our frontline staff have rallied together, with their supervisors and managers, adapting to changing shift patterns, covering sickness, and adjusting to changing protocols as the situation develops. But, not only this, they have also worked even harder to ensure great communication and collaboration with customers and the emergency services.

And, while the security guard’s role has adapted to the new challenges of ensuring the safety, managing the numbers of people entering and exiting sites, enforcing physical distancing, giving out important information, and managing conflict, the importance of their role and the value of the service they deliver has become very transparent.

Thanks to AM Services security officers for providing the friendly and helpful face we all need in these difficult times.