18th May 2020

posted by AM_admin

Moving forward with Solo Advance

After a successful trial of the Solo Advance system, we’re delighted to announce that we will be rolling this out across the Waste and Washroom business. This new technology delivers huge benefits in terms of helping to streamline our services and delivering an enhanced customer experience.

A micro-chipped tag with GPS sensors will be located at each client site. This allows a highly personalised service. Customers will know when to expect us and will receive an email with real time details of our operatives arriving on and leaving site. They system will enable us to let clients know about broken kit and equipment that is no longer fit for purpose through incident logs accompanied by photographic evidence. Any issues can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Our Divisional Manager Nikki Phillips says: “We’re delighted to invest in this resource. It’s another factor that sets our business apart from the competition, makes us a supplier of choice, and supports a move to paperless systems and CSR.”

For more information and a tailor-made service contact:
Nikki Phillips: Email: nikki.phillips@amservicesgroup.co.uk 
Mobile: 07789 815387