6th April 2020

posted by AM_admin

AMSG St John’s Hospice Donation

St John’s Hospice (https://www.sjhospice.org.uk/) in Lancaster has been providing palliative care for patients and their loved ones every hour of every day since 1986. During these difficult times, as we all pull together to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the impact on our charities and voluntary organisations is huge.

So, as we can’t all get together in person to fundraise for the hospice during the Covid-19 pandemic, St John’s Hospice is holding a virtual balloon race this Easter to raise money  – buy a balloon, have some fun, buy someone an Easter present (that’s healthier than chocolate too!). Here’s how to take part in the Balloon Race https://www.sjhospice.org.uk/event/balloonrace/ 

St John’s Hospice is losing income as its shops and café have had to close and many key fundraising events have been cancelled. Already some support services at the hospice have had to be put on hold.

That’s why our CEO Adrian has made a significant donation now to St John’s Hospice, a charity that is close to the heart of our business and one we’ve been supporting for many years. We know it’s not possible for all individuals or businesses to do the same in the current climate but Adrian is asking us to, where we can, give whatever we can to organisations and people who need it.

Stay safe everyone.