25th March 2020

posted by AM_admin

We’re proudly servicing the Broughton Trust in Salford

Here’s an article from the last Washroom newsletter:

We’re delighted to announce our recent contract with the Broughton Trust in Salford. We will be providing feminine hygiene services and hand dryers to this fantastic charity, based in Salford.

The Broughton Trust was established in 1999 and with local volunteers, social landlords, the university and the local council, it provides adult learning, youth work, employment support and community development across the city. From small beginnings, it has expanded to provide services to over 1000 residents each year in Salford’s most deprived communities. Many of the staff and volunteers have shared the life experiences common to disadvantaged communities in the area and are dedicated to creating pathways to change people’s lives.

Find out more https://www.thebroughtontrust.org/