24th February 2020

posted by AM_admin

When our workplace is flooded …. we take action

The Security Team, The Priory Shopping Centre, Worksop

What do you do when your place of work and the town centre is severely flooded? The answer was a total no-brainer for our team at The Priory Shopping Centreā€¦ While the river Ryton, which flows directly underneath the centre, surged overnight to cause severe flooding last November, and with the centre manager away on annual leave, our team reacted quickly, showed great initiative, dedication, and an exemplary attitude in dealing with the situation to ensure minimal damage and disruption. The flood water entered many of the shop units, and the surrounding car park, with water levels up to five feet deep in places. 

Mark Houghton, one of the cleaners, was first on site at 5.30 am and managed to cautiously navigate his way through to the Priory. He was followed soon after by security officer Mark Davies who, although very new to the site, never allowed this to stop him playing a key part in the actions taken, keeping in constant communication with the site coordinator and remotely with the centre manager. They methodically ensured that the centre was secure whilst also making the safety of store staff and the public, who were arriving onsite, a priority. Advice was sought from the emergency services while they continued to assess the situation at the centre and any changes in the flow and levels of water.

They were joined by site coordinator David Grout, who made his way to site even though on a rest day, and security guard Tristan Cooper, who travelled from out of town through flood waters.