13th February 2020

posted by AM_admin

Two for the price of one at the Prospect Shopping Centre

Colleague of the Month – Amanda and Danny Spangle

This month we get added value with not just one but two Colleagues of the Month at the Prospect Shopping Centre in Hull with Amanda and Danny Sprangle…

Amanda joined the team at the Prospect last summer as cleaning supervisor and was appointed for her strong experience in the cleaning sector as well as her passion for achieving high quality standards. Her husband Danny joined AM Services Group a year ago, transferring to the shopping centre at the end of June 2019. Danny was quickly promoted from security officer to security supervisor as he drew on his previous experience in the retail sector to achieve success in his new role.

In the short time that Amanda and Danny have worked at the centre, their impact has been huge and has been commented on by our client: “Both Danny and Amanda have made a really positive contribution to the teams at the Prospect centre and I can only see things getting better…”

Danny and Amanda are always keen to support their colleagues in both cleaning and security and our onsite team continues to be a testament to our ‘one team, one goal’ vision.

Congratulations to Danny and Amanda on their fantastic achievement.

Other nominations: We also thank Jack Reed – Cargill, Brocklebank
and Billy Tomkinson – University of Hull CAMPUS.
We’re proud that you are fantastic representatives of our company.