6th February 2020

posted by AM_admin

Less than four weeks to go to the OSPA Awards 2020…

Find out more about what our Outstanding Security Team in Wythenshawe Town Centre does and why it made the prestigious OSPA shortlist…

Our security team has worked in Wythenshawe Town Centre to keep the shopping centre and heart of the town safe for over six years. We’re proud to work closely with our client in their commitment to creating a great customer experience and with retailers, police, and other local groups, to support the wellbeing of the local public. We have strongly supported collaboration and positive interaction with shared security goals between the town’s stakeholders.

In Wythenshawe, there are 91 shops, 40 offices, three service yards and a multi storey car park, and it is our site manager Sam Rhodes’ responsibility to make sure all staff, shop tenants, customers, and the general public can feel safe coming to the town centre and enjoy a great customer and work experience.

Closely collaborating with local police

The team collaborates closely with the local police in monitoring and tackling crime, and each member of the security team has been commended in the way in which they handle offenders, record crime and assist in ongoing crime prevention measures. Information and images of wanted criminals are shared so that AMSG can help to detain them, while investment in radio technology allows the team to restrain shoplifters and help with missing people.

A Greater Manchester Police representative commented: “Without fail, everything I have asked for, to prove thefts and ASB, has been provided and used in court to success. The support has been as unswerving as ever.”

Known offenders are now reluctant to visit Wythenshawe Town Centre, due to the high profile and low tolerance levels of the security team. In 2016, the team won the Retailers Against Crime Award. The team was the first security team in the UK to win this award.

Adding value

The team also acts as the front face of the shopping centre and adds value through customer service, first aid and CPR training. They manage the electronic advertising boards and the centre’s online communication and carry out routine fire alarm testing. They patrol the site early each morning to identify maintenance issues, deal with all contractors, and handle all telephone enquiries.

Managing agents for Wythenshawe shopping centre St Modwen believe that Sam and his security team are helping to encourage people into the town. The centre manager says: ‘Our customers feel valued and part of a community which has been created by Sam and his team’.

Not only is every member trained in every aspect of the job role, they are also trained in customer service and are ready to answer any question the general public will have, helping with anything from giving directions to helping a customer to their car with their bags.

At the heart of the community

Sam and the team’s service embraces being at the heart of the local community. They recently ran an emergency services day. At the community day, as well as fire engines and police vans they had free fun activities for the local public. This was a massive hit with the local community and was very well received by the client. Sam is raising awareness in schools of the importance of security work, giving talks to three local schools and taking them into the centre to see the work the team does and letting them speak on their radios.