10th December 2019

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Sustainable washrooms – recommendations from Nikki Phillips in the ECJ

Nikki speaks to the European Cleaning Journal:

Water, energy and consumables can all be used far too liberally in the washroom says Nikki Phillips, divisional manager washrooms and waste management of the AM Services Group.

“The washroom is an area where commercial organisations can really support sustainability, adding value to the business while also making savings,”

she said. “However, it is often the area most overlooked by the people managing the facilities.”

Supporting customers

She says the water used in toilets, urinals and basins can account for up to 90 per cent of a company’s water consumption whereas only one per cent is used for cleaning. “This is clearly an area where service providers should be supporting customers with advice on water and urinal flush management systems along with other water-reducing products,” she said.

AM Services’ Sensaflush urinal flush management system is said to control water usage by intuitively regulating the frequency of flushing, while its ES50 Water Management System uses pre-set functions to allow companies to control the number of times a day urinal are flushed.


Intuitive hand towel dispensers and sheet-by-sheet toilet roll dispensers will both help to reduce consumption, she says. “Jumbo toilet rolls and larger soap dispenser refills will also last longer and reduce the amount of transport and pack- aging required,” said Phillips.


“It is important that clients, suppliers and service providers all recognise they need to work together to educate each other and end-users, pooling ideas and innovations and establishing the washroom as a central focus for making positive changes to reduce environmental impact.”

See page 23 off the journal HERE