6th November 2019

posted by AM_admin

Richard Grundy, our Specialist Cleaning Division General Manager

Many of you will have already met Richard, who took over as division manager this summer. Richard has been busy ‘bedding into’ his new role over the last couple of months and we wanted to take this opportunity to find out a bit more about him and how he is finding his new role. We asked:

What were some of your priorities when you began as division manager for specialist cleaning?
When I joined AM Services Group my feet hardly touched the ground in the first few weeks, Richard told us. I wanted, first and foremost, to get to know our static teams, our road crew technicians and our customers. I spent time in Manchester and Liverpool at a major food manufacturer, in Derby and Cheadle with a manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment where we have onsite teams, and travelled to visit contracts in Coventry and Wigan. I certainly got around.

What impressed you at first in your new job?
My team. I work with some great guys who are very knowledgeable about their job and sector. They have been very supportive to me, as has the senior team at AM Services Group. That’s exactly what you need when you are challenged with a busy new role in a new company. It’s the people that make a job and it’s great to be working in a business that has such a strong vision of the future with a strong ‘One team, one goal’ ethos and a very clear set of values to help achieve this.

What are some of the things you’d like to bring to the specialist cleaning division?
I’d like to support the sustainability of the division by being even more robust in our processes, harnessing and maximising the wonderful knowledge and experience we have here. The specialist cleaning technician role can be a hard job and I’d like to add value to their experience at work through training, raising our standards continually and driving a committed team forward as we grow.

What experience do you bring to the role?
I have a wide range of operational expertise at senior level. This has included
full service facilities management support for multinational clients such as Perkins Engines and Caterpillar. I have managed an NHS Trust cleaning contract in the UK and also managed hospital cleaning for six years in Canada. I have a strong background in putting national proprietary, industrial and commercial standards in place and have worked from both the supplier and client perspective. This gives me a great understanding of what the client is looking for.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
At weekends and on holidays I like to get out and about and be active. I’m very much an outdoors person and love the adventure of outdoor activities. I love being in the mountains and hiking, on the water kayaking and am a keen skier.