18th November 2019

posted by AM_admin

Ensuring that cleaning standards reach consistently high levels.

Team of the Month – Brine Leas School, Nantwich

Keeping a large high school, with sixth form facilities, is no mean feat, and our cleaning team at Brine Leas School in Nantwich have been praised for ‘pulling out all the stops’ recently to ensure that cleaning standards have reached consistently high levels.

Schools, with their varied facilities and differing cleaning requirements, from classrooms to offices and dining areas to washrooms, need to be completed to high standards in a way that doesn’t interfere with student education.

Brine Leas has recognised the hard work and achievements of our cleaning team, while the summer deep clean was handled professionally with incredibly high service standards and the 6th form facilities have been kept ‘spotless’.

Well done to all the team from the AM Services Group management team.

Congratulations to: Deirdre Addis, Jeanette Arrowsmith, Victoria Challinor, Amy Coles, Theresa Hassall, Kim Hawkins, Rose Jones, Virginia Lewis, Jacqueline Lloyd, Alison Peel, Sarah Peel, Richard Pepper, Daryl Rowland, David Rowlands, Grant Timmis, Susan Williams.