12th November 2019

posted by AM_admin

Bringing it home for Britain

Earlier this year we heard about a talented young, local swimmer Luke Pool who was looking for sponsorship to help him get to and compete in the 18th FINA World Championships in South Korea. We were delighted to help and even more delighted to hear that Luke achieved silver in 100m freestyle, and fourth place medal for the 50m freestyle.

Luke sent us a note about his experiences: ‘I can’t thank everyone enough who has sponsored me, in making it possible for my dream to come true. Competing on a world stage for my club and country and coming away with a medal was such a bonus. I am truly grateful to be given such an amazing opportunity. I hope I did everyone here back home proud!

South Korea was one of the best experiences of my life.

Staying in the athlete’s village was something I have never experienced before. The dining hall was a great way to meet other competitors from around the world. The venue where the racing was being held was incredible. I’ve been to pools all over the UK but none compare to the one in Gwangju. The atmosphere was great – like being in a football stadium. It was a great moment walking behind the starting blocks and seeing all the stands filled up, with all eyes on my race. It was an exciting but nerve racking experience.

I would say the most challenging thing about competing over there was firstly adjusting to the time difference over a few days, and secondly the heat and humidity were very high. The temperature was between 36-40c everyday and between 90-100% humidity.

Competing at one of the highest stages in my sport was very inspiring, as was competing in the pool where Olympic swimmers had been the week before. Being touched out for 1st place by 0.08 of a second has made me more determined and driven to train even harder ready for the next World Championships