1st October 2019

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Meet the Team – Onsite with Matt at one of our client sites

Meet Matt Lundie, our security coordinator at Tronox

What’s the main thing that keeps you motivated?
My professionalism and my family are both very important to me and they are intertwined to keep me motivated and moving forward. I’ve come from a military and police background and this has set the tone for me to be professional in everything I do. I lead by example and lead from the front. This, in turn, drives success and reaps rewards which all help to benefit my family.

What’s your favourite season?
It’s summer. From the end of June it’s a perfect excuse for us to throw ourselves into family activities and celebrations as it’s my youngest child’s birthday at the end of June, and my eldest’s, my wife’s and my birthday in August, and to finish August off it’s also our wedding anniversary. It’s a busy, enjoyable and exciting season for the whole family.

In three words, what are the three things you most enjoy about working on your site? And tell us why?
Teamwork – I’m responsible for a team of 16 people who deliver security services and customer support onsite. We understand that everyone is different and we celebrate that diversity and our individual skills, all of which comes together to help us work successfully as one unit: one team, one goal.

Variety – On a Top Tier COMAH site in the chemical industry, every day is different and every day brings its different challenges. We support a 24 hour operation which involves protecting the site, the security of people and visitors to the site, and health and safety. So, anything can happen and no two days are ever the same.

Great serviceThis centres around team work and good communication. You can only hope to achieve this if everyone understands what’s going on, and what’s important. You’re only as good as the weakest member of your team and so you need to develop people so that they grow together and all pull together to support the bigger picture. And I believe in service with a smile. I’m a very smiley person and it’s infectious when everyone is happy and smiling, from staff to customers.