10th October 2019

posted by AM_admin

It’s National Customer Service Week – Keeping the Customer Satisfied

This week is the Institute of Customer Service National Customer Service Week to recognise and celebrate excellent customer service. Here at AM Services Group, in our One Team, One Goal vision, we believe that ‘everyone matters’ and ‘everyone makes a difference’.

We believe it’s this that makes us different and that creates strong, transparent and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

To celebrate Customer Service Week, here are some thoughts on what makes a great customer experience from our staff on the ground, and some positive words of appreciation from our valued customers.

Joe Lettice – The Ridings shopping centre:

‘A first impression can never be undone and customer service is the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you stand – in fact, everything you do. With so many different people out there, there’s no one size fits all for customer service. Everyone’s needs are different and I love meeting and exceeding them’.

View from the customer:

‘Joe demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism when dealing with customers and visitors alike. Not just customers, other departments know they can ask him for advice and assistance if required and Joe is always willing to assist if he can’.


John Rhodes – Great Northern, Manchester:

‘I believe good customer service leaves the customer feeling valued and respected. I always put a strong focus on understanding your customers’ needs and wants; treating your customers respectfully; acting on promises made to your customer; handling complaints and returns gracefully; exceeding customer expectations; going out of your way to help your customer’.

View from the customer:

‘John’s is an excellent communicator and is very attentive to the client’s needs. Always positive and willing to help, John consistently delivers excellent customer service and is a superb role model for his team’.


Sam Rhodes – Wythenshawe Town Centre:

‘When the weather is hot ourf security team carries bottles of water for the public to drink while they are shopping on our town centre. When the weather is bad we hand out free umbrellas to anyone who is trying to stay dry during a downpour. This always get a great reaction from the public and drives more footfall to the town centre as people really appreciate the efforts we make to ensure their visit is the best trip possible’.

View from the customer:

‘Sam’s sheer passion to take care of his customers is infectious. His commitment to customer services is a key factor in assisting us at St Modwen to create a place people prefer to shop, eat and socialise’.


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