31st October 2019

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Don’t be floored by the risk of slips, trips and falls this winter…

Make sure you’re winter ready with a good quality entrance mat
The winter months are usually heralded in by the media with warnings of extremely cold weather and the threat of snow and ice. And this year is no different. Those wet, wintry months, where staff and visitors trail water from rain snow and ice, as well as dirt and salt into buildings, are fast approaching.

When you think about getting an entrance mat for your premises, you might think about preventing people dragging dirt through your building on their shoes, and you’ll probably think about aesthetics. But one of the most important reasons for having a good quality barrier mat at your door is to help reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls…

Ensure flooring is a key consideration in risk management
Slips, trips and falls are the biggest category of non-fatal workplace accidents. Ineffective floor strategies can be costly for companies with a high risk of loss of reputation and costly legal claims. Prolonged absence from work also has a huge impact on business.

As a first line of defence, we can help businesses mitigate against risk of slips, trip and falls with mats that are perfectly suited for entrances and high-footfall areas due to their high absorption rates and slip resistant backing. We can also advise on the optimum service levels for your mats.

Save money on cleaning
Reducing the amount rainwater, snow, ice, dirt and grit entering your building will not only reduce the chance of workplace accidents and injury, it will also add value by reducing your cleaning requirements.

Around 80 per cent of indoor dust and dirt is brought in from outside. Our barrier mats effectively trap dirt and water in the fibres, reducing the amount that enters your building and reducing your cleaning costs. They also protect your flooring in the busiest areas giving it a longer lifespan.

Look the part
Our mats are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes to meet the unique requirements of your building, and we also design bespoke and logo mats.

Get in touch to talk about how our barrier mat service can help your business
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