9th September 2019

posted by AM_admin

Wayne takes on a star role in a medical emergency

Star Award, Wayne Broom – Culmineta-Saveguard, Dunkinfield

Our directors were more than delighted to make the Star Award to Wayne Broom to recognise his outstanding support at his site during a recent medical emergency. Wayne made a huge difference through his quick-thinking, calm approach and speedy delivery of some critical actions when a another staff member took ill very suddenly …

When a member or staff at our client Culmineta-Saveguard’s site in Dunkinfield, Greater Manchester, collapsed in the car park, Wayne immediately recognised the severity of the situation and dealt with it quickly and efficiently, going over and above the call of duty. He first made sure that the colleague was safe, called the emergency services and managers, and followed up with the ambulance service when there was a delay. Because of Wayne’s actions, his colleague arrived at the hospital in good time for him to receive emergency treatment. Our client commented that ‘if Wayne did not take the actions he did, the outcome could have been very different’. Thankfully, Wayne’s colleague is making a good recovery and his family sent their thanks to him and expressed their gratitude for his actions.
Well done, Wayne. We’re proud of you.