19th July 2019

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Top Notch customer experience from the Team of the Month at The Foundry

Team of the Month – The Foundry Shopping Centre, Scunthorpe

The Centre Manager for The Foundry Shopping Centre, Stephen Dacombe, had no hesitation in putting forward our team in Scunthorpe for the Team of the Month Award when they all pulled together to ensure that a ‘top notch customer experience’ was maintained without disruption in difficult circumstances. Here’s what Stephen had to say: ‘With our longstanding site services supervisor having been taken seriously ill, hospitalised and off work since late February, it could quite easily have been the case that, presented with such a situation, the remaining staff on site would struggle to maintain the normal high standards that we are used to. NOT A CHANCE!!! I have been immensely impressed with how the whole team (security and cleaning) has responded, at very short notice, to ensure that the performance levels have not slipped one iota. It was not just the case of one person stepping into someone else’s shoes and taking over the responsibilities and duties that the role entailed, they all stepped up. With five twelve-hour shifts a week to cover not a single one has been missed… with no quibbles and no qualms just sheer dedication. In fact, there have even been staff cancelling their holidays to ensure coverage.

But on top of this, they didn’t forget that they had ‘a man down’ and all the team made an extra special effort, on top of working extra shifts, to ensure that their manager had a visitor pretty much every day throughout his extended stay in hospital. And, they topped off the month by apprehending three Police ‘Gold Target’ Offenders with me. We received communication from the local Police Inspector highlighting the collaborative work of his own and The Foundry’s team in clearly making a difference to the town centre’.

Congratulations from the AM Services Group directors for this outstanding contribution to ‘One team, one goal’.

We would also like to say very well done to other nominated team, the Lanxess cleaning team at Trafford Park. Well done everyone.